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Little Pine Cones

Adult and Toddler Group - Tuesday's

 10 -1130am Term Time

Pine Corn

This session is run by an experienced outdoor leader and mum of two Becki, full of enthusiasm for not only being out in nature but also helping little ones begin their own journey. Providing guidance where required these sessions are aimed to engage our 'Little Pine Cones' through different child-led play, stories and even songs!


Little Pine Cones is enjoyed year round whatever the weather, fostering a positive 'can do' attitude. 

We have overhead shelter with a large parachute and a campfire to warm us up. Seating areas under the parachute mean children (and adults) can engage in drawing, exploring or sit happily with a snack whatever the weather. We currently have very basic toilet facilities. Running hot water is available for handwashing. There are a number of sitting hammocks which lend themselves to relaxing or breast feeding.  Suitable for off road buggies. Distance from car park to camp - 150m

 £6.50per session on a Pay as you go basis

(under 18mnths free with older sibling)

Book your tickets for sessions below:


Here are just some of the benefits of outdoor play:

1. Help your baby sleep better at night - Research shows that babies sleep better at night if they’ve had some fresh air during the day. 

2. Outdoor play is a fun way to learn - Getting outdoors to play is a brilliant sensory experience for babies and toddlers. The changing nature of the outdoors makes it an incredibly stimulating and multi-sensory place to play. This is important as babies and young children learn and gain experience through all their senses.

3. Developing motor skills - Young children need the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills. They can also develop their fine motor skills as they pick up natural treasures like leaves and pine cones.

4. Encourages a healthy lifestyle - Through physical activity and challenges, being outdoors helps children sleep, eat, and live more healthily. 


5. Make new friends -Getting outside is also a good opportunity for the primary career to get some fresh air and make new friends. 

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