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Green Forest

The Woodland Pioneer Group

Foundation Course

This four part course is aimed at children aged  10 - 13. Only 8 attendees per course ensures it is fun but also educational. It provides the core skills to start a journey into bushcraft and survival skills. We learn about kit and equipment, fire craft, shelter and lots more.

Our Command Task Zone provides many different challenges, only by working as a team will a group succeed.

Our aim is to improve Confidence, Resilience, Teamwork and of course provide a sense of Adventure! 


Axe in Tree Stump


The Starting point

We cover kit we will carry and the safe use of tools such as the bow saw, folding saw and bushcraft knife.

Dont know knots tie lots! This is the wrong approach.  Learn the basics.

Team building exercises are used to create the bond and trust we need as a team for the expedition.


Got to keep warm!

Fire is the foundation of survival. It provides heat, protection and visibility.

During this session we use the tools we made and learn about fire craft, how to turn 1 solid piece of wood into a long burning fire, we will also cover tracking and foraging for a basic meal.



Roof over your head

It doesn't matter if its just for one night or a week, shelters are critical in survival. We learn the types we can carry, the types we can make and the knots we need before focusing on navigation prior to the expedition.


Journey out

We have the basics, we have the teams. Now we put it all to the test with a 24hr expedition.

This is where the real adventure starts!

On completion every attendee is awarded a Woodland Pioneer Group T-shirt and certificate.


The next course dates:

Session 1 - April 10th

Session 2 - April 24th

Session 3 - May 8th

24hr Exped - May 14th.

Session timings are 10am - 1pm

Exped starts at 10am for 24hrs. 

Cost: £120.

For more details please email:


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